Postpartum Depression Therapy in Queen Anne Seattle, WA

Are you experiencing mood swings, crying spells, or feelings of resentment after the birth of a new baby? Feeling sad or irritable shortly after childbirth (sometimes called “the baby blues”) is incredibly common, affecting many new mothers at some point. But for some women, postpartum depression becomes debilitating, making it difficult to bond with their new babies or deal with the stresses of parenthood. If you or someone you love could use postpartum depression therapy in Queen Anne Seattle, WA, a psychologist like George Ankuta Ph.D. may be able to help.

It’s Time to Get Treatment

If you’re experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, there’s no need to suffer in silence. George Ankuta Ph.D. is on hand to help you better understand and manage your feelings while working toward lasting recovery. If you’re struggling with persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness or anger following the birth of your child, don’t suffer alone. With assistance from George Ankuta Ph.D. in Queen Anne Seattle, WA you may soon be able to overcome the debilitating symptoms of postpartum depression and begin enjoying this precious time with your new baby. Call today to schedule your appointment and learn more about postpartum depression therapy.

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