Psychology and Psychotherapy

George Ankuta, Ph.D is a psychologist located in Seattle WA. He specializes in psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, sexuality issues, couples counseling and more. Dr. Ankuta serves a variety of clients.

My approach to psychotherapy involves meeting each individual person where they are when they start therapy and forming a collaborative relationship. I provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment in which people can explore the concerns that brought them into psychotherapy without judgment and with unconditional positive regard. Psychotherapy is like an open field or a big sky into which a client’s desires and dreams can emerge and be examined with the hope that they can one day be fulfilled. Psychotherapy often involves exploring client’s relationships. Relationships are complex, and people often want to understand more about how they interact with others, and to evolve and grow personally in ways that promotes having better, more fulfilling relationships.

The most significant growth is often possible when people can look within themselves to see the roles that their own actions and choices and personalities play in their lives, relationships, and work. Therapy works best for people who are interested in exploring the details of their own autobiographies.

My therapeutic work incorporates humanistic, psycho-dynamic, mindfulness based, and cognitive-behavioral approaches as needed for a particular person and situation. I provide shorter-term, problem-focused, and longer term more intensive psychotherapy.

Specialties include:

To schedule an appointment with George Ankuta, Ph.D please call: (206)241-9068