Couples Counseling in Queen Anne Seattle, WA

Have you considered seeking couple’s counseling in Queen Anne Seattle, WA? Even the strongest marriages sometimes need some outside support. George Ankuta Ph.D. provides discreet couple’s counseling from an experienced, unbiased perspective. Hectic schedules, grief and loss, financial burdens, and other stresses can wear down even the most dedicated couples. Although it may seem you don’t have the time to seek professional help, marital problems seldom go away by being ignored. Dr. Ankuta will do his best to accommodate you in order to help you find solutions to your relationship difficulties. Consider taking advantage of:

  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Extended weekday hours
  • Acceptance of most major insurances

When your relationship hits a rough patch, don’t despair. Instead, reach out for help from someone dedicated to client satisfaction. Call George Ankuta Ph.D. anytime Monday – Thursday, 9am – 7pm, or Friday, 9am – 1pm, for more information about couple’s counseling and how these services may help you.

To schedule an appointment with George Ankuta, Ph.D please call: (206)241-9068