Adjusting to Seattle - Helping people who have moved to Seattle from larger cities adapt to life in Seattle.

Seattle is a unique and wonderful place with many things to offer in the realm of employment in cutting edge companies and industries and in the world of unparalleled outdoor recreation and alternative music and culture. However, the climate is dark and wet a large part of the year which promotes seasonal affective disorder syndrome SADS in those who hail from more southerly latitudes, which is people from all other major cities since Seattle is the northernmost major city in the United States and has the shortest days.  In addition to the climate, there is the famous Seattle freeze, which is a term for the difficulty people relocating to Seattle experience in establishing good and deep friendships to replace the friends that they left behind in their former homes.  Weather it is the dark climate or the withdrawn Scandinavian heritage of the area the Seattle freeze is real and newcomers must adapt to it.

I moved to Seattle from New York City myself over 20 years ago and I love living here, but it took effort to make the transition.  Dr. Ankuta can help you address the symptoms of SADS to overcome the effects that the climate may have on you.  Dr. Ankuta is here to help you learn to take the extra steps that you need to take to break through the Seattle freeze and foster the new relationships that you need to be happy in Seattle.

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Philosophy of Practice

Be direct, be honest, say what you mean and cut through the noise. Form deep meaningful authentic relationships with others and have a fulfilling life.  

George Ankuta, Ph.D.

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